43° South, 72° East, La Junta, Aysén, Chile

Remote and undiscovered Patagonia, a place of nature, culture, adventure and tranquility.

Lake Rosselot

We collect the purest of waters, from a waterfall, hidden in the deep forest, halfway up the snowcapped mountain in front of the distillery.

We are located on the Austral Highway, in between the villages La Junta and Puyuhuapi in the south of Chile, region of Aysén. A region barely touched by man, until the recent construction of the Austral Highway. 

We handpick leaves, flowers, berries and seeds in fields and forests, by lakes, rivers and fjords, where nature is still pristine and wild.

We macerate, ferment and distill to carefully bring the purity of Patagonia´s nature from the source into the bottle.

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River Rosselot – Photo by Paul Coleman
Arrayan tree over lake Risopatron
A local walking home in one of the valleys – Photo by Paul Coleman
The Barros Arana mountains seen from the crosspoint between the Austral Highway and the the road to the Mirta valley
The Palena river
The Melimoyu volcano
The Barros Arana mountain and the Austral forests – image that inspired the design of the labels of Tepaluma Gin, Spirit of the Forest