TV show Lugares Que Hablan | Canal13 – 13.04.2020

“Lugares Que Hablan” is a primetime Chilean TV program showing different places in the country and their local customs, gastronomy and music among others.

In this episode, Pancho Saavedra and his team visit the area around the Palena River in La Junta, Aysén. This grand and beautiful river has a connection with the stories of many families shown in this episode and with the Tepaluma Distillery.

In our search for the source of the purest water for the future whisky and the place to settle and build the future distillery we never considered Patagonia. We had no clue about the Palena river either, until one day, one photo of it moved our hearts and lured us to La Junta, further into remoteness than we ever wanted to go and the rest is Tepaluma history.

The following clip only shows Tepaluma´s part and is available for viewing outside of Chile.

The following video shows the entire programme. We appear at 01:14:20 hrs, but we recommend watching the rest too to sense how remote and special our location, our community and the local culture truly are.

This video can only be seen in Chile.