Tepaluma Gin Tonic and the perfect serve

Don´t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.

To explain the perfect serve for Tepaluma Gin, we have to take a few steps back to set the scene. It´s important to know that Tepaluma Gin is made by GT lovers. We also love travelling the world, marvelling, exploring and experiencing the local ways while tasting local goodies and gin tonics.

Even with all the travelling and tasting along the way, we remained eternally thirsty for real, guilt-free, as healthy as possible, taste, so we decided to do something about it, hence Tepaluma. When we were ready to create the first Tepaluma spirit, we challenged ourselves to develop a gin so delicious that it would satisfy our cravings and allow us to drink the dreamiest GT´s for ever.

We longed for fresh GT´s that transport you to the place it came from, while making our mouths, noses and hearts happy. With that in mind, Tepaluma Gin, Spirit of the Forest was born.

The perfect serve for a Tepaluma GT is intrinsically connected with the place it comes from.

The good and bad news is that you will only be able to savour our perfect serve in an area of Chilean Patagonia, where you have access to fresh tepa leafs. If you are far away from tepa trees, this is your perfect excuse to plan a visit to Chile! More good news is that there are many alternatives to drink a perfect Tepaluma Gin Tonic in the rest of the world.

How to Tepaluma GT with confidence

A few basics:

The glass: We recommend balloon glasses, but will also drink our GT´s in mate cups or any beautiful glass that makes us happy. Try to choose a glass style that allows you to smell the GT while you sip it.

The ice: V E R Y I M P O R T A N T to use as much quality ice in large cubes as you can. Why? For a better drinking experience, we avoid diluting the cocktail too fast and preserve the bubbles of the tonic for a longer time.

The tonic: There is a world of tonics out there and we love it. To start, we recommend among others Fevertree Indian and Mediterreanean Tonic, the 1724 , Fentimans and craft or Chilean tonics. Once you have tasted these, explore away friends. Enjoy the differences the tonics make.

The garnish: Fresh herbs, citrics, red fruits, berries and flowers. Choose one to max three garnishes according to the tonic and the moment.

And now, let´s build our GT

For our Gin & Tonic with Tepaluma Gin, we recommend

60 ml Tepaluma Gin
200 ml premium tonic water
and to finish a garnish that depends on the flavours you wish to accentuate, for instance:

For herbal flavours, add fresh rosemary or fresh thyme
For citric and bitter flavours, add a lemon or grapefruit peel
For extra freshness, with cucumber
For a bold experience, fresh rosemary and one to three green olives
And if you are in the South of Chile, the classic and perfect serve: with fresh Tepa leaves.