Tepaluma Gin

Tepaluma Gin, Spirit of the Forest
is a contemporary, small batch, London Dry Gin,
expressing the feeling of aliveness that wild nature in Chilean Patagonia gifts to those who hear its call…

… an ode to gin, life and nature
born from the adventure of a lifetime,
Chilean and British craftmanship,
a selection of uniquely patagonian, locally foraged botanicals,
fresh Chilean citrics and

last but not least, spring water from glacier and snowmelt.

43% ABV, 86 proof
100% neutral grain alcohol
14 botanicals
Distilled in a 500 L copper pot still heated by direct fire.

There is an enchanting fragrance in the rainforests of Chilean Patagonia

Inspired by nature´s magnificence and captivated by new aromas and flavours found in the evergreen rainforests of Chilean Patagonia. DISTILLED with care to capture and share the experience of a walk in the lush Austral rainforests.

Feel the omnipresence of pristine life all around you.
Breathe in the fresh, forest air and delight in the perfume of ancient trees. Taste their unique fruits and drink the ice-cold water flowing through it all from the snowcapped mountains.

The wonderful perfume of the tepa tree is the first gift to the nose, accentuated by the pininess of the blue/black juniper berries from European mountains and the floral touch of its Patagonian cousins, a selection of blue/black native berries.

On the palate it is a smooth, herbal and citric experience with a dash of Patagonian pepper, the finish is round and leaves a sunny forest feel in the mouth.

Like the territory it comes from, it is bold and different when you first experience it, but it will instantly feel so right for your senses and soul.

7 locally foraged botanicals, among others…

Laureliopsis philippiana

Amomyrtus luma

Luma apiculata

Berberis mycrophylla

7 traditional gin botanicals include among others…

Juniperus Communis

  • Fresh Chilean lemon and pink grapefruit
  • Angelica root from Belgium
  • Orris root from Morocco

Meet our direct-fired Copper pot still named Anne – isn´t she lovely?

Handcrafted with attention to detail

We label and sign every bottle by hand.