Natural Patagonian soft drinks
Brewed like craft beer, no additives, no alcohol

With locally foraged fruits and spring water from glaciar and snowmelt.

Drink pure or mix
to create unique cocktails or mocktails with patagonian flavours.

Brewed from 100% natural ingredients. Water from the mountain, fruits from the forest and real lemons. To sweeten, we opted for old fashioned brown sugar instead of other natural options. We feel it is the least intrusive in taste. We want you to taste the Patagonian fruits, not the sweetener. Tepaluma mixers are pretty, little, happy drinks that are also rich in probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants.

Only available in Chilean Patagonia – 200 ml/glass bottle

Calafate Sour

Locals drink a variation on the
Pisco Sour, with
berries. A dark blue/black patagonian super berry.

The Tepaluma Calafate Sour mixer is a ready
to go sweet and sour calafate beverage to drink
with pisco, gin or as a still calafate lemonade.

It will make your mouth feel happy and temporarily look blue.

Mixing tip: Experiment with a little bit of it in your Gin Tonic or in any sour variation.

Volcanic Ginger

A Patagonian version of a traditional ginger beer containing canelo seeds.

The canelo (Drimys Winteri) is a sacred tree for the Mapuche people. Its seeds, are called
Patagonian and wild pepper among others. The seeds look like mini magic beans and taste surprisingly flowery and spicy.

Together with abundant ginger, and fresh lemon juice they make this ginger beer extra warm, vibrant and a touch wild.

Mixing tip: with gin or whisky. Heaven for people who are not afraid of fire.

Maqui Fizz

A lemonade created to please developped palates who seek to enjoy the real taste of
maqui and benefit from its antioxidant superpower.

The delicate fizz is the result of a
natural fermentation process and the deep color comes from fresh and abundant maqui
berries only.

Mixing tip: with gin to create a Maqui Gin Fizz, with pisco to create a Maqui Sour or with Champagne to create a Maqui Kir Royal.