Tepaluma Distillery

Welcome to Tepaluma

A boutique distillery located on the Carretera Austral in Chilean Patagonia, set on conquering the hearts of whisky and gin lovers, those who are thirsty for life and those who find joy in stories told by nature, copper and the dedication of human and passionate craftmanship.

Dreamed in Belgium, Inspired by Nature, Crafted in Patagonia


Tepaluma Gin
Water from the mountains
Botanicals from the forests
An ode to gin and nature


Brewed like beer
100% natural
0% alcohol
With foraged fruit


Pure water, lush forests,
snowcapped mountains and turquoise rivers.

Our story

A big dream, a lightning bolt, chaos and loss, hope and courage.
In short, a grand adventure

Visit the distillery

In normal times we offer tastings and distillery visits during opening hours
from October to the end of March.
For the moment we are still in Covid-19 times and we have suspended visits until the pandemic is officially over.

We look forward to toasting to life and Chile again with you in the near future!
in the meantime we will be crafting more #patagoniainabottle for you.
Stay safe, this too shall pass.


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm
12:00 pm – 6:00 pm



Carretera Austral
5 kms South of La Junta
XI Region of Aysén



Groups > 10 persons or visits in the remaining months of the year by appointment only.



We brew, macerate, ferment and distill to carefully bring the purity of Patagonia´s nature from the source into the bottle.


Where we play with treasures:
fire, copper, water, flora and time. Finding delight in flavor, aroma and little details. We aim for purity, authenticity and pleasure in liquid form.


Our aim is to create exquisite and innovative Single Malts, crafted from British traditions yet uniquely Chilean, inspired by our terroir and local culture.

First release expected 2024


Tepaluma Gin,
Spirit of the Forest, the distillery´s first spirit is a London Dry Gin containing Patagonian botanicals and spring water from glacier and snowmelt.

Tepaluma Gin

Tepaluma Gin, Spirit of the Forest
is a contemporary, small batch, London Dry Gin,
expressing the feeling of aliveness that wild nature in Chilean Patagonia gifts to those who hear its call…

… an ode to gin, life and nature
born from the adventure of a lifetime,
Chilean and British craftmanship,
a selection of uniquely patagonian, locally foraged botanicals,
fresh Chilean citrics and

last but not least, spring water from glacier and snowmelt.

43% ABV, 86 proof
100% neutral grain alcohol
14 botanicals
Distilled in a 500 L copper pot still heated by direct fire.

There is an enchanting fragrance in the rainforests of Chilean Patagonia

Inspired by nature´s magnificence and captivated by new aromas and flavours found in the evergreen rainforests of Chilean Patagonia. DISTILLED with care to capture and share the experience of a walk in the lush Austral rainforests.

Feel the omnipresence of pristine life all around you.
Breathe in the fresh, forest air and delight in the perfume of ancient trees. Taste their unique fruits and drink the ice-cold water flowing through it all from the snowcapped mountains.

The wonderful perfume of the tepa tree is the first gift to the nose, accentuated by the pininess of the blue/black juniper berries from European mountains and the floral touch of its Patagonian cousins, a selection of blue/black native berries.

On the palate it is a smooth, herbal and citric experience with a dash of Patagonian pepper, the finish is round and leaves a sunny forest feel in the mouth.

Like the territory it comes from, it is bold and different when you first experience it, but it will instantly feel so right for your senses and soul.

7 locally foraged botanicals, among others…

Laureliopsis philippiana

Amomyrtus luma

Luma apiculata

Berberis mycrophylla

7 traditional gin botanicals include among others…

Juniperus Communis

  • Fresh Chilean lemon and pink grapefruit
  • Angelica root from Belgium
  • Orris root from Morocco

Meet our direct-fired Copper pot still named Anne – isn´t she lovely?

Handcrafted with attention to detail

We label and sign every bottle by hand.




  • La Junta
    • Botillería Quitapena
    • Vinoteca Las Tranqueras
      Antonio Varas
    • Minimarket El Quinto (Copec)
      Carretera Austral
  • Coyhaique
    • Spot Markets
      Ramón Freire 170 &
      Manuel Rodriguez 338
    • Botillería / Minimarket 912
      Av. Baquedano 1339
    • Botillería La Americana
      Ogana N° 963
  • Puerto Aysén
    • Turin Turan market
      Carrera 1391
    • Castizo Food & Wine
      Teniente Merino 660
  • Chile Chico
    • Supermercado Sur
      O´Higgins 394



  • La cava de vinos – Bella Ciao restaurant
    Papudo 427


Los Lagos

  • Futaleufu
    • Botillería EGEO
      Lautaro 273



Chile Wein Contor – Wattlers Wein Welt
Official Tepaluma importer and distributor
Germany and EU



Origen Los Andes – Madrid





Natural Patagonian soft drinks
Brewed like craft beer, no additives, no alcohol

With locally foraged fruits and spring water from glaciar and snowmelt.

Drink pure or mix
to create unique cocktails or mocktails with patagonian flavours.

Brewed from 100% natural ingredients. Water from the mountain, fruits from the forest and real lemons. To sweeten, we opted for old fashioned brown sugar instead of other natural options. We feel it is the least intrusive in taste. We want you to taste the Patagonian fruits, not the sweetener. Tepaluma mixers are pretty, little, happy drinks that are also rich in probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants.

Only available in Chilean Patagonia – 200 ml/glass bottle

Calafate Sour

Locals drink a variation on the
Pisco Sour, with
berries. A dark blue/black patagonian super berry.

The Tepaluma Calafate Sour mixer is a ready
to go sweet and sour calafate beverage to drink
with pisco, gin or as a still calafate lemonade.

It will make your mouth feel happy and temporarily look blue.

Mixing tip: Experiment with a little bit of it in your Gin Tonic or in any sour variation.

Volcanic Ginger

A Patagonian version of a traditional ginger beer containing canelo seeds.

The canelo (Drimys Winteri) is a sacred tree for the Mapuche people. Its seeds, are called
Patagonian and wild pepper among others. The seeds look like mini magic beans and taste surprisingly flowery and spicy.

Together with abundant ginger, and fresh lemon juice they make this ginger beer extra warm, vibrant and a touch wild.

Mixing tip: with gin or whisky. Heaven for people who are not afraid of fire.

Maqui Fizz

A lemonade created to please developped palates who seek to enjoy the real taste of
maqui and benefit from its antioxidant superpower.

The delicate fizz is the result of a
natural fermentation process and the deep color comes from fresh and abundant maqui
berries only.

Mixing tip: with gin to create a Maqui Gin Fizz, with pisco to create a Maqui Sour or with Champagne to create a Maqui Kir Royal.